Rewilding Bushcraft

Discover with us the exciting and adventurous world of bushcraft, nature and survival. We will light fires, make shelters, explore mountains and camp out under the stars. We want to reintroduce you back into the wilds, create adventures and find peace in the beautiful natural world.

ReWilding Bushcraft is one of Europe's leading outdoor and wilderness centres and we are specialist providers of bushcraft to families, adults and schools. In addition we run adult Deep Nature Reconnection courses, in depth Survival One to Ones and host our own Summer Camps for children.

We are based in southern Spain near Tarifa on a stunning private estate overlooking Africa. Our lodge is set within a stunning ancient landscape of wild ravines and subtropical forest with rivers and waterfalls, giant boulders and secret glades.

This is where you will be reintroduced into the wild, where you will create your own basecamp and set out for adventures in nature. If you would like a tailor made course then please contact us to discuss your requirements, we can accommodate most needs.

Neil Hill

Neil Hill founded Rewilding Bushcraft to share his passion of the natural world with people. He believes that our modern disconnection from nature is leading directly to many of our personal, physical and social problems.

By training, a wildlife biologist and wilderness instructor, Neil has led expeditions into some of the world's most beautiful, remote and wild environments.

As well as these more adventurous undertakings Neil specialises in working with children, family groups and schools. It is so important to bring children out into nature away from screens and the indoors.

On his courses he will lead you into the wild places to engage with; fire lighting, shelter building, swimming in mountain lakes, climbing waterfalls and simply sitting and reconnecting with nature. Adventures are guaranteed and they are designed to suit all abilities and ages.

You will learn to read the landscape like a book and to understand the language of the birds and the stories that animals leave on the ground through their tracks and sign. To discover what is safe to eat and what can heal you. You will be taken safely on this journey by Neil, who is one of Europe's leading nature and wilderness experts.

His patient and motivational approach has helped many people rediscover their birth right, bringing the joy of nature and the spirit of adventure back into their lives.