Day Course

This is our basic introduction into the incredible world of bushcraft and nature. It is a great starting point to test the water and decide if you would like to undertake a more in-depth adventure. It is also suitable for those that don't have the time for our longer courses.

Though it is only one day we will still cover all the bushcraft classics and by the end of it you will have the basics of survival in place. This course includes:

•How to light a fire like our ancestors and how we use modern firelighting equipment and techniques.

•Get hands on with knives axes and saws as we select the right tools for the wilderness and try out various carving projects

•Build your own backwoods shelter from scratch, learn where to locate it and how to construct it

•Discover the many edible and medicinal plants that our found in the beautiful nature that surrounds our lodge, as well as learning which the poisonous plants are.

•Learn where and how to find water, as well as how to make it safe to drink.

This course is suitable for everyone, adults, children and families.

Cost €75 per person

All courses are fully insured and staff have remote response first aid training.