Adult Bushcraft Course

The adult bushcraft courses last for three to five days. This gives us an opportunity to delve deeply into the world of bushcraft. As they have been designed for adults they are a little more challenging with an emphasis on resilience and practicality.

We will be based at our beautiful lodge. Here we will create a long term survival shelter which will be the focus of our activities during your stay with us. From this base camp we will journey out to discover our aboriginal selves through experience and adventure.

Key to this course will be using to learn our wild senses, of learning how to move through the landscape with ease and stealth as we discover the clues that nature leaves for us. We will learn how to track, fashion tools from rocks, unearth wild foods and medicinal plants as well as taking a deep dive into all the bushcraft and survival classics.

This course will include:

•Fire making masterclass using primitive and modern survival techniques

o Uses of fire in bushcraft

o Fire lays and woods

•The use and selection of bushcraft and survival knives, axes and other useful tools

o This will involve more advanced carving projects as well as the creation of your own fire bow set

•The fashioning of tools and weapons from flint and wood, including the making of natural bindings and glues

•Learning how to rediscover our innate tracking skills, activating all of our thirty plus senses, discovering animal signs, how to follow trails, where to anticipate finding wildlife and how to follow a human trail.

•Following on from this we will look at all aspects of navigation in the wilderness from map and compass use, discovering the cardinal points using natural features to building our own backwoods compass.

•Wild foods and medicinal plants. Nature is bursting with abundance and for most of us a feast and a medicine chest is hidden in plain sight. On this section of the course we will discover what to eat, how to prepare it, what will poison us, what will heal us and what plants we can gather to create useful basecamp items.

•Water along with shelter and fire is one of the three cornerstones of surviving in nature. This is an often overlooked aspect of bushcraft, but here in southern Spain where temperatures can reach more than 50˚C, the ability to find and purify water takes on a whole new significance.

•Shelter building; as mentioned above, the skills and ability to make a shelter suited to both the environment and the duration of time you will spend in it is a vital skill. In this unit we will look at both natural and manmade shelters; what materials to use, where to locate them and how to build them.

•Expedition packing and the selection of essential items. In this section we will look at what you really need to take with you on a journey, from one day hikes to longer expeditions. Learning what to take with you and equally importantly what not to take is an important part of expedition and wilderness planning and preparation. This is the sort of information that not only makes what you do more enjoyable, but could end up saving lives.


Three day €480 per person

Five day €790 per person

This includes accommodation and all food as well as the course.

All courses are fully insured and staff have remote response first aid training.